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Mindfulness of the Breathing Body

Teaching meditation:
Mindfulness of the breathing body

Mindfulness meditation offers a dynamic, impactful four-fold experiential tool-kit for working with your body, nervous system, and mind, and for teaching effective relaxation, stress management, and critical thinking skills to others.

Mindfulness of the Breathing Body is the essential foundation, the fertile ground from which all subsequent practice grows. Mindfulness of the Breathing Body develops the skills of concentration and self-regulation, and cultivates your capacity for focused, calm, clear awareness.

From this centered, confident seat, you may begin to explore the wisdom aspects of the tradition, including the insights of constant change, interconnection, and the potential freedom of relaxing away from habitual thought patterns and behaviors, filtered through the discerning lens of your own body and mind.

This introductory weekend training will offer a theoretical and experiential grounding in Mindfulness of the Breathing Body practice, balanced with practical application and personal integration:

  • Ground yourself in a clear and thorough introduction to the theory and practice techniques of Mindfulness of the Breathing Body meditation

  • Understand the function and interrelationship of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems as related to stress, safety, and healthy equilibrium

  • Explore versatile approaches to working breath and body to establish connections between practice and insights, and to cultivate desired therapeutic results

  • Experience and discuss the different effects of traditional sitting, standing, walking, and lying down meditation postures

  • Taste greater focus, flexibility, resourcefulness, and spaciousness within yourself through personal meditation practice

  • Share in a supportive learning community (sangha) with your fellow classmates, and discuss how to facilitate and encourage community as a teacher

  • Begin to develop the confidence, vocabulary, and presence to successfully lead others in Mindfulness of Breathing Body meditation

  • Practice leading meditation in one-to-one and small group formats, and receive constructive feedback in a safe, supportive environment

This training is appropriate for those seeking to begin or deepen a mindfulness mediation practice, for yoga teachers seeking to knowledgeably weave meditation into their classes, and for therapists, physicians, pastors, caregivers, parents, teachers, and others seeking to offer the benefits of meditation to others. All are warmly welcomed and encouraged to join. 

A certificate of completion will be awarded after full participation in the training weekend. 

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What students are saying about meditation teacher training:

"Skillful, articulate, funny, wise, kind, pedagogically sound, all around inspiring and meaningful. I’ve incorporated some of what I learned into my psychotherapy practice and am very grateful."