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Mindfulness of Mind & Experience

Teaching meditation:
Mindfulness of MInd & experience

Mindfulness meditation is practice of cultivating wisdom and insight. It is a powerful and empowering means of coming to know through direct experience the incredible flexiblity, adaptability, capaciousness and resilience of the human mind. 

The neuroplasticity of the human brain indicates our vibrant abilities for learning (making new neural connections and finding greater coherence between different parts of the brain), and for unlearning (releasing neural connections that no longer serve us). 

Mindfulness of Mind delves into the supple, vast, richly creative component of our psyche, which lies below the layers of content and discursive thinking. It is here that we remember and reconnect to our inherent potential and capacity for self-directed growth and change.

From the expansive vantage point of mind’s depth and width, we can skillfully re-engage with what’s on our minds: thoughts, emotions, hopes, dreams, self-story. Using the techniques of Mindfulness of Experience, we meet thoughts and emotions without becoming fully consumed in them, instead investigating mental content with clear, spacious, discerning awareness.

Is this thought realistic? Is this thought beneficial? In this way we sharpen our metacognitive prowess and capacity for metacognitive insight. We actively choose what kind of thinking we wish to nurture and emphasizeand what we wish to begin to release. 

This weekend training will offer a theoretical and experiential grounding in Mindfulness of Mind & Mindfulness of Experience practices, supported by practical application, personal integration, and practice teaching:

  • Explore the capacity and creative potential of mind through the lenses of Buddhism and contemporary neuroscience

  • Discover how to access greater width and depth of mind using metaphor, imagery, imagination, body position and breathing practices

  • Develop skillful language and cues to guide others in exploring the perhaps unfamiliar territory of inner spaciousness and potential

  • Practice balancing acute, lucid discernment of content and experience alongside open, fluid awareness

  • Contextualize mindfulness meditation practices and insights within the framework of the traditional Buddhist Eight-Fold Path and discuss applications for contemporary secular life

  • Share in a supportive learning community (sangha) with your fellow classmates, and discuss how to facilitate and encourage community as a teacher

  • Begin to develop the skills, vocabulary, and presence to successfully lead others in Mindfulness of Mind & Mindfulness of Experience meditations adapted to your particular teaching context and learning environment

  • Practice leading meditation in one-to-one and small group formats, and receive constructive feedback in a safe, supportive environment

This training is appropriate for those seeking to begin or deepen a mindfulness mediation practice, for yoga teachers seeking to knowledgeably weave meditation into their classes, and for therapists, physicians, pastors, caregivers, parents, teachers, and others seeking to offer the benefits of meditation to others. All are warmly welcomed.

Each weekend module stands alone, and focuses on a distinct foundation of Mindfulness. It is not necessary to have taken previous modules to fully participate in this module.

A certificate of completion will be awarded after full participation in the training weekend. 

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What students are saying about meditation teacher training:

"It surpassed my expectations. I learned much more than I thought I would in such a short time. The time went so fast, and I met amazing people. Marlie was an inspiring, open and impressive teacher."