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Compassion Meditation

Teaching meditation: 


We learn, heal, grow, and think best when we feel safe and connected to ourselves and to the world around us. Compassion meditation cultivates self-awareness, self-acceptance, resilience, and gratitude, and enhances our capacity for skillful social action.

Experience how the generative compassion meditation techniques of Loving-Kindness, Tonglen, and Mentor-Bonding promote healthy feelings of inclusion, communion, and kinship with other people, and vital engagement with life.

This immersive weekend training will offer a theoretical and experiential grounding in the Compassion practices of Loving-Kindness, Tonglen, and Mentor-Bonding meditations, supported by practical application, personal integration and practice teaching of the Loving-Kindness technique:

  • Learn and practice teaching Loving-Kindness meditation, beginning with self-compassion and progressively expanding compassion outward to others

  • Understand the essential link between wisdom and compassion in the Buddhist tradition, and discuss practical applications of wise compassion in contemporary life

  • Explore how you can employ compassion meditation to remain courageous, hopeful, and resilient when faced with the stress and difficulties of others

  • Experience the transformative potential of Tonglen (sending and taking) meditation, in which we challenge our habit of closing ourselves to suffering and clinging to pleasure

  • Discuss how to create a safe learning environment for meditation practice, and how to foster community (sangha) modeling inclusivity and encouraging personal development according to each individual’s unique needs and timeline

  • Identify your personal mentors of wise compassion, and receive a guided visualization practice to further develop and embody admired attributes in yourself

  • Receive audio recordings of Loving-Kindness, Tonglen and Mentor-Bonding meditations for continued integration after the training weekend

This training is appropriate for those seeking to begin or deepen a Loving-Kindness meditation practice, for yoga teachers seeking to knowledgeably weave meditation into their classes, and for therapists, physicians, pastors, caregivers, parents, teachers, and others seeking to offer the benefits of meditation to others. All are warmly welcomed.

Each weekend module stands alone, and focuses on a distinct foundation of meditation. It is not necessary to have taken previous modules to fully participate in this module.

A certificate of completion will be awarded after full participation in the training weekend. 

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What students are saying about meditation teacher training:

"It surpassed my expectations. I learned much more than I thought I would in such a short time. The time went so fast, and I met amazing people. Marlie was an inspiring, open and impressive teacher."