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100- Hour Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation Teacher Training

This highly personalized 100-hour training in the art and science of mindfulness meditation, compassion meditation, and restorative yoga (working with mind through body) includes 5 immersive weekend training retreats, 5 hours of one-on-one mentorship customized to your specific intentions and interests, support in the cultivation of a meaningful home meditation practice, and skillful guidance on the integration of meditation techniques into your professional work.

Each weekend retreat module offers a theoretical and experiential grounding in a distinct focus of meditative inquiry, supported by practical application, personal integration, and practice teaching. Each module is self-contained, and modules may be taken in any order. 

Please click on the links below for detailed retreat training descriptions and dates:

 I.  Mindfulness of the Breathing Body

 II. Mindfulness of Sensations

 III. Mindfulness of Mind & experience

 IV. Compassion Meditation

 V. restorative yoga: working with mind through body


Throughout and between the retreat weekends students are supported in incorporating meditation techniques and insights into their home meditation practice and into their teaching. Students will receive constructive feedback on recorded meditations and written reflections submitted following each module. Importantly, students will meet one-to-one with Marlie via Skype following each module to integrate and galvanize the learning experience in the most advantageous way for each individual.

This training is recommended for those seeking to deepen their meditation practice, for yoga teachers seeking to knowledgeably weave meditation into their offerings, and for therapists, physicians, pastors, caregivers, parents, teachers, and educators in diverse professions seeking to offer the benefits of meditation to others. All are warmly welcomed.

Tuition: Each of the five weekend trainings has individual registration, with tuition paid at the time of registration. Enrollment in the 100-hr training, including 5 hours of one-to-one mentorship and supported learning integration throughout the completion of all 5 weekend training modules, requires a one-time supplemental fee of $500.

A certificate of completion will be awarded upon successful fulfillment of all training components.

Enrollment: Contact Marlie to enroll, or to learn more.

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"Marlie's deep understanding of the mind-body connection along with her vast knowledge of the physiological benefits of restorative yoga practice radiate from her very being. To study with her was truly inspiring, not only for the 3 days our group spent together but also beyond our in-person time at the studio. Marlie makes herself accessible for future queries that inevitably surface as the practice becomes integrated into your own life. As an aspiring mental healthcare professional, I look forward incorporating the invaluable tools I gained through this training into my future healthcare offerings and research. I can't recommend her trainings enough!"

-Maddie, New York City